Friday, August 04, 2006

Give me that old time religion

The religion of baseball of course. I have joined the Elk Grove Bucks of the Vintage Baseball League. The rules are those of the year 1858, no gloves, you can catch the ball on a bounce for an out, and you wear long, woolen uniforms in deepest summer. I believe I will be a scout (outfielder) for the team.


shadowfax said...

If you hit a "home run" does it count as a foul ball?

Josh Gentry said...

Nice action montage. I always liked this color scheme.

Matt Dick said...

Thanks. Sepia is fun, and with a vintage recreation it fits.

Liam, home runs are all good. If you catch a ball in the air the batter is out and the runners are not allowed to advance. If you catch the ball on one bounce, the batter is out but the runners may advance.

christian f said...

I've never heard the "scout" term before. In our league, the pitcher is called the "hurler", the catcher is sometimes called the "behind" and the batter is referred to as the "striker".

Also in our league, "home runs" are generally ruled ground rule doubles or singles, depending on what the captains agree to prior to the game.

Do you have open stealing in your league?

Matt Dick said...

I don't know the answer to the stealing question, I'll ask, but I suspect I could look it up.