Thursday, February 15, 2007

St. Baldrick's

Most of you already know what St. Baldrick's is.

For those who need an introduction, every year I participate in a charity event which raises money for childhood cancerresearch. The event is called St. Baldrick's. Shavees, as we're called, volunteer to have our heads shaved for donations from nice people like you all.

From now until March 16th I raise money from everyone I can. And then on the event day I go into downtown Chicago to Fado's Irish Pub at a big, fantastically fun event and my donators can see me get my head shaved, can bid on auction items, and can have a few beers, free bar food and just hang out. We've had an enormous amount of fun the last few years.

The standard donation is $50, but I've been pleased to receivedonations as low as $1 and as high as $1,000. My largest donator gets the added benefit of taking the first swipe at my head with the shaver. Last year I exceeded my goal of $5,000! This year I'm increasing my goal to $7,500.

My employer, Motorola, matched contributions last year, so check with your employer for matching contributions.

For a little background, my cousin Nathan was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma on April 1, 2003. He is now 6 years old and still fighting. You can read about his fight at his website:

My page is located here, you can find a "Donate On-line" button which is secure and about as easy as buying a book from Amazon. It's fully tax deductable and instructions are on-line. You can also print a donation form and use the normal U.S. Post.

If you have any questions, please contact me


JimII said...

This is so cool. I just looked on your page, and it looks like close to fifty families have donated money in response to your request.

I think about you doing this silly thing--shaving your head--but then all of these people spending time to hope for an end to a very specific suffering. That's so unbelievably wonderful. If I was more bold, I would even call it a miracle.

And for the non-mystics, I see you exceeded last year's monetary target even before the Friday bar room surge. Hurray. Wear something tight on Friday, I understand that helps with tips.


matt dick said...

I'll get back to posting new pictures soon, but I wanted this to stand as an advertisement as long as I could.

Yes, the silliness is an interesting paradox for me. It shouldn't take a meaningless gesture like shaving my head to get perfectly wonderful people to donate lots of money, but it actually does. Luke and I have talked about it, and there's something special about having something fun or silly as the basis for doing something truly profound, like being a cog in a very big engine for good.

In future years I want Sally to be a team, come to the Chicago event with big donations, and several of us getting shaved. Why not? It can't help but bring us all closer and it can't help but be a great event and make us all feel good.

As for wearing something tight, t'were I a different shape or gender, tight clothing might help. As it is, my head is about as much flesh as I plan on showing.

Anna said...

I had a really great time on Friday. Thanks for inviting me. You guys should come into the city more often.