Monday, April 09, 2007

Mourning Meal

From my parents-in-law's feeder. I love my 30 year-old 200mm zoom and the rapid-fire shutter release!

The full-sized image is here.


JimII said...

So, do you attach it to an SLR camera? Or are these taken with film and then you scan them in?

It's a beautiful picture.

Matt Dick said...

The lens is an older SLR lens, the camera is relatively new, a digital SLR with compatibility with older lenses -- all Pentax.

The rapid-fire shutter release is a feature of the camera.

Thanks, by the way. It took about 25-30 shots to get one that was interesting.

JimII said...

Yeah, one of the reasons I suck at photography is that I suck at taking pictures. But the other reason is that I have none of the patience necessary (or I suppose desire to create something beautiful) to take a hundred pictures and use/keep three.

Josh Gentry said...

That's gorgeous.