Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Back Court Madness

I've been away for far too long, my apologies.

My daughter is in basketball this winter -- the first game was a lot of fun. She's one of the guards this year.

These are her shoes.


Josh said...

Alright, someone in this family plays a real game ;-)

I'm just kidding. That soccer shot is quite an action shot of the star about to strike.

Bethany said...

The soccer shot is just biding time until baseball starts again. He got a batting helmet for Christmas and can't wait to try it out.

The basketball team is 3rd and 4th grade girls, and our girl is the shortest. Guard is a good position for her - it suits her skills as well as height.

Josh, would it kill you to know that she has a pink basketball?


Luke said...

Go, M. Basketball is awesome. How much traveling do they call in those games?

Bethany said...

They don't call much travelling at all, or double dribble, or fouls - and even when they do, it is to stop the game, explain the infraction, and then let the girls pick up again where they left off. I think they might start calling fouls later in the season as the teams get more comfortable with the rules. It is a good environment for learning.

The game Saturday was great. The Blue Demons (Margot's team) won 34-30. They were ahead by something big, like 16 points, fell behind after the half, then pulled it out right at the end. Good play, good passing, some great defense, and it really looked like a game, which isn't always the case with young kids and sports.


Josh Gentry said...

Josh, would it kill you to know that she has a pink basketball?

It gets a cringe, but hey, its still basketball.