Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Harsh Mistress

Great eclipse experience tonight. The best and most complete eclipse of my life.

This is hand-held with my zoom.


JimII said...

Would you believe in Phoenix, Arizona the event was completely obscured by the 100% cloud cover?

Josh Gentry said...

It was 100% cloudy here, as well. And hailing. And extremely windy.

Fun picture. Did you do anything special to get the night shot?

Matt Dick said...

All I did was wait until it was 50% exposed, which allowed enough light in that I could take this hand-held.

This one was through Margot's telescope last year.

Josh Gentry said...

I almost tried some moon shots this weekend. I'm gonna have to do that. I'm skeptical that it'll look like much with my lens, but might as well experiment.

Anna said...

I could see the eclipse the entire night through my living room window over the lake. It was pretty fantastic.

Matt Dick said...

Josh, as long as you have plenty of light, meaning the moon is bright, you ought to do fine.

Anna, I wish I'd had the lake to work with for this shot.