Monday, July 07, 2008

Baby Bunnies

What you're looking at is the top-most baby bunny from the nest of baby bunnies we discovered this evening in the kids' sandbox.

They are cute on a scale nearly unimaginable.


Hypatia said...

Okay, now this is cute. :) All our baby bunnies up and growed up before we found 'em. Not nearly as cute now.

Luke said...

I just read a piece in a magazine about baby bunnies. It was interesting in that it was about how the mother leaves and returns to the babies and such.

Matt Dick said...

This is interesting. We found them and we haven't seen the mother around much. I hope that's normal. Of course they were alive last night and they're alive this morning so all appears to be well.

I'm calling the sandbox off-limits however until they are older.