Wednesday, December 23, 2009

There Are No Hangovers in Heaven

I just got my PCS orders for Heaven. I called my sponsor and he said:

"Bill Dick, in Heaven, all your dogs are there; and all your cousins' dogs are there; and all the dogs you ever loved are there.

"Right out your front door are the Arizona mountains and every day you hike all day long. You work up a terrific thirst, but that's okay because the Hofbrau Haus is right down the block and all your friends are there. You listen to oompah music and sing.

"You wander home around 3am. You sleep well and in the morning you feel great... because there are no hangovers in heaven."


Francis said...

Well done, Matt. Your father was something special, and his final thoughts were a perfect reflection of his eternal optimism.

Bob Stevens

Anonymous said...


I know your dad would have loved that you remembered this very genuine feeling he had at that moment and shared it with all of us at the funeral...he will be missed by all.