Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dear Gen, Bolden

I wrote the following to General Bolden, NASA's current administrator:


General Charles F. Bolden, Jr.
300 E Street SW
Washington D.C., 20546-0001

Gen. Bolden,

My family and I are members of the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, IL. As I’m sure you know, the museum is one of the great institutions in the city of Chicago, and also holds a special place as one of the United States’ great museums dedicated to space exploration.

My family would love to see one of the shuttle orbiters retired to the care of the Adler. It’s hard to imagine a more appropriate place in the country. Adler houses the oldest piece of space exploration equipment outside of Europe—an Italian telescope from the early 1600s. I imagine taking my daughter, an 11 year-old space enthusiast, to visit this telescope at the same time she can see the most important tool for 20th century space exploration, and I quite literally get chills.

Please consider the Adler’s bid to house a retired shuttle, you won’t find a more fitting or caring institution.


Matt Dick


The unstated PS to this letter:

Seeing a shuttle on the shore of Lake Michigan would be so cool!


JimII said...

Matt, my work for the judge and with the AG's office has exposed me to letters from the public, and I must say this is an excellent letter. It is short and too the point, while at the same time touching.

Matt Dick said...