Thursday, February 09, 2006

Her Parlour...

...was my family room.

You can see her in full-size here.

She was found by my children on the family room carpet. She was about the diameter of a quarter, so big for a spider in your home, but not huge.

I took her outside on the front sidewalk and got a nice shot of her. If you look closely you can see at least six eyes.

How many eyes does a spider have?



shadowfax said...


I love the focus on this, with the really narrow depth of field. The spider itself (esp the face) is razor-sharp, and the foreground and background nicely soft.

And I thought spiders had 8 eyes, but maybe it's variable. I'm too lazy to google it for your lazy ass.

Cool Hand Luke said...

Great shots. Love the insect photos.

matt dick said...

I'm having trouble getting my honey bee uploaded, I'll try again tonight.

Liam, I expect you to research anything at my request.

Carlos said...

Great shot. Have you figured out what kind of spider this is?
All spiders have 8 eyes. You can see that she has a row of 4, then 2 large ones, then 2 slightly smaller ones on top of that slightly further apart.
Nice fangs!