Sunday, September 24, 2006

Boy at Run

Ethan and I went out to a local Nature Preserve. It was a great time. We saw birds, frogs, snail shells, pond scum, large flowers and tall grass. He threw rocks, apples, nuts, dirt. He broke sticks and ran and ran and ran. We talked about all sorts of stuff as we walked into a out of deep woods, long, sunny praries and such. We travelled over a mile or two and he never flagged. In the end we had to run back to the car since he could hear pirates coming to get us.


Jim Barton said...

I had been thinking about how cool it is that this picture so matches the name of your blog.

Then I read the story and realize how appropriate it was for the same reason.

I really love my life; being a parent is awesome.

matt dick said...

Yeah, it was a great time. It's funny (and frustrating) how great these times are and how little I manage to make time to do them.