Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ode to Joy

So I spent the morning shoveling the foot of snow from half of our drivway so I could drive to the gas station to get a gallon of gas so I could fill the snow blower so I could blow the other half of the driveway. Aftwards I swore I wouldn't shovel anymore snow forever.

But then the whole family went outside to play in the snow, and Beth started building a cool, curving sled-run and I got involved banking the turns and sculpting the run until I found I'd spent most of the afternoon shoveling more snow around the yard. Great fun.

This is Ethan enjoying a short rest.


1 comment:

Cool Hand Luke said...

Good story. Great picture. He is the perfect "happy child playing in the snow". I'm not so sure how Southerners can tolerate the lack of snow.

Damn he is getting big. I really need to see your family.