Friday, December 23, 2005

An extreme close up

You can see the full-sized version of this photo here.

I love how my old, Phoenix-brand macro performs on the new digital camera. This is from this past Spring, when the crocuses were just coming up. I spent a fair amount of time on my stomach in the front yard waiting for the right shot. This guy went in face-first, so I had to strike the flower with my finger to get him to turn around. I think the effort paid off when he looked my right in the face and smiled.

The flecks of pollen and the joints of his antennae are the best reward. I go through long periods of dissatisfaction about my photography, but patience can really pay off with the macro.



Matt Dick said...

I'm having trouble uploading pictures. There may be some file size limits, in which case I may have to move my blog to a site without the limitations. We'll see.


Matt Dick said...

OKay, I've solved the issue with the kind of semi-annoying solution of linking to my photo hosting site. No big deal and I am saved from the upload limitations here.


Cool Hand Luke said...

This is a fantastic shot. I enjoy macro shots, think bugs are interesting, really like the bees face, and think the flower as a setting is great.

Josh Gentry said...

Hey, nice. I like macro photography. You might enjoy this photo blog: