Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Trying to find The Eye

The full-sized version of this image may be found here.

Talking with some friends at work with whom I occaisionally go out shooting, I mentioned how envious I was that each of them appeared to have a good eye for composition, whereas I did not. I am technically very capable with my camera, but I never feel that I am seeing a shot that more artistic photographers see.

My friends came up with a theory. This theory was that I wasn't patient enough when considering a subject, to find that angle or story that existed in the scene. I think they were being kind in disagreeing that I didn't have an essential artistry in my soul, but whatever.

So here was an attempt directly derived from that conversation where I found an interesting sculpture, and instead of taking a complete shot of the whole, tried to find a graceful note in a partial rendering. Comments welcome...



Josh Gentry said...
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Josh Gentry said...

I like it. That's my big comment :-)

One of the things I have gleaned from Jae is the Rule of Thirds. It is a simplified implimentation of using the Golden Mean for composition. Introduction here:


Holly said...

I know you have a hard time believing that there is an artist in you, but there is. I saw it when you pointed out the girl cowering behind the sign. I saw something completely different in that instant whereas you saw the moment. I still believe you simply just have to figure out what kind of artist there is in you. But it's there. It really is.

Matt Dick said...

I should have taken the time to get her picture. I was kind of tired and the day was done, but that row of panhandlers had great potential, and the girl and her sign were the utmost in poignancy.